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International Institute for Sport History
Library and Museum

ROCKY #3 - to be acquired by the IISOH

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit educational, literary and research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
Donations are tax deductible - Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

NEWS UPDATE: September 28, 2018....two new pages were posted today...ABOUT the IISOH, and the OLYMPIC TRUCE - MYTH AND REALITY.


Help us to develop the Library & Museum Collections
by supporting one of these campaigns.

    Campaign #1
    The ROCKY Acquisition Fund,
    Operating Fund & Boxing Endowment
    Goal: $3.5 million Dollars

    This campaign is designed to immediately raise funds to acquire this famous statue and also to fund IISOH operations for 2-3 years by opening our first office, hire staff, publish more sports posters, conduct more research and publish more on our website. This will fund the IISOH for 2-3 years while we add hundreds of educational pages to our website, collect more books for the library, and open our first office to the public. In this campaign we also seek a benefactor to endow the subject of BOXING which will acquire the ROCKY #3 statue and other material for the Boxing collection.

    Campaign #2
    Goal: $25 million Dollars

    The IISOH seeks to develop a permanent endowment to support operations. This money is placed into a trust fund and invested - only the interest that is generated is used to support operating expenses. This long term event seeks widespread public support - ONE MILLION donors - each asked to make a single, once-in-a-lifetime donation of just $25.00 (twenty-five Dollars). To express our gratitude every donor receives a LIFETIME acknowledgement! This solicitation is specifically addressed to the 12.5 million citizens of Pennsylvania, however anyone, anywhere can make a donation. We only actively solicit within the Commonwealth Pennsylvania at this time.

    Campaign #3

    This permanent project serves three functions: first it is a fund-raiser to support the growth of our endowments. Second, it provides aesthetics to the IISOH sports complex with visual items such as brick pavers, stone or bronze markers, statuary or monuments. Third it provides a lifetime tribute in honor of, or in memory of friends, family and other people or events. Multiple choices are available including:

    1. $ 25.00 for a single line tribute on the web page. This ONE TIME donation is for a lifetime legacy on our website. The line is limited to 160 characters including spaces.

    2. $ 250.00 for a single line tribute PLUS a linked web page with a biography and selection of photos. The donor may write the text (subject to editing and approval) and supply up to 20 photos.

    3. $500.00 for a single line tribute plus a linked page (as in #2) PLUS an engraved patio brick (12 x 12 inches) placed in a walkway on the IISOH campus.

    4. $1,000.00 includes #1, 2 and 3 above PLUS an engraved bronze plaque mounted on a TRIBUTE wall inside the Library or the Museum when it is constructed.
    5. Custom Plan ($2,500.00 or more...to 30 Million Dollars) funds a tribute in many different varieties such as statuary, marble or bronze monuments, named rooms in the buildings or even naming an entire building for $30 million.

    These donations create permanent legacies in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT section of the IISOH website and will also be displayed inside the buildings when the Library & Museum is constructed. They serve as permanent, lifelong TRIBUTES to family or friends, colleagues or special event such as a birthday, graduation, marriage, childbirth, etc.

    Campaign #4
    Special Tribute Page
    Superbowl Champions 2017-2018.
    Goal: $1 million Dollars

    There are two options:

  1. $25.00 for a single line HONORARIUM (160 character limit).

  2. $250.00 for a single line HONORARIUM PLUS a brick paver (12 x 12 inches) to be engraved and placed in a WALK OF CHAMPIONS.

    The IISOH would like to raise one million Dollars to design a "WALK OF CHAMPIONS" and commission an artist to create a unique bronze statue to honor the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a Museum project to install art on the planned IISOH sport campus. Other football teams and all other sports can request or fund a similar project!

    Campaign #5
    Goal: $300 million Dollars

    Many additional opportunities are available for donations - from a single book to an entire library, from $10.00 to millions...your support is gratefully appreciated. There are many naming opportunities and all donations over $25.00 receive lifetime recognition in various forms from engraved bricks, pavers and plaques, to bronze signs mounted on walls or obelisks. Recognition for the higher levels of support including naming opportunities for rooms, galleries, entire wings of buildings and, of course, naming the Library, the Museum, the Dance Theater, the Restaurant, the replica of the ancient stadium at Olympia and the various sports buildings (including a planned Natatorium).

    There are a limited number of permanent naming opportunities for the buildings and sports facilities, for example the LIBRARY is a single opportunity. There are almost unlimited naming opportunities for rooms in the buildings as well as subject endowments such as a FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, WRESTLING, SPORTS MEDICINE, FENCING, and hundreds of other subjects.

Campaign #6
Goal: Unlimited

This program solicits DONATIONS or ADVERTISING from businesses in Pennsylvania. The goal is to obtain at least a $25.00 "once-in-a-lifetime" donation from each and every business in Pennsylvania. In return the business is given a LIFETIME acknowledgement both on our website and inside our Museum when it is built.

But there are also two possible "upgrades," for a higher donation/payment of $225.00 each. The first "upgrade" is a donation of $225.00 in return for a lifetime acknowledgement that includes a static web page, hosted by the IISOH, with the basic information of the business. The second "upgrade" is an advertisement for $225.00 that is a three (3) year advertisement linking the acknowledgement to the company website. Our advertising program is three years long and inexpensive so that a business can promote their goods and services for just $225.00. We seek YOUR support and in return, we can support you with endorsement.

We are seeking widespread public support!

We are very grateful for your financial support just once in your lifetime.
We will never come back to you and ask you to donate again, and again, and again. We do hope that you will follow the IISOH over the years as we grow and develop. We ask only that you invite your friends to support us as well. Share the news about our project with everyone you know.


to go to our secure website page -
we are using STRIPE for credit card processing

Do you prefer to send a check?
Donations can also be mailed to:

IISOH Library & Museum
PO Box 175
State College, PA 16804

(or mailed directly to our bank: "To the Account of the IISOH")

Attn: Manager
First National Bank
re: IISOH Library & Museum
1667 North Atherton St
State College, PA 16803

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation - donations are tax deductible.
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

Welcome to our simplified html website.
This site is to compliment our primary website at www.iisoh.org
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Information on this site will eventually be migrated to the new site as it becomes available.
This site is ideal for older browsers and was originally hosted at harveyabramsbooks.com as a public service.
Those pages were relocated here as of April 13, 2017.
Many updates are taking place during October, 2018, especially the NOC Directory.
We will also be establishing a European office in Vienna, Austria in late 2018.
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International Institute for Sport History
Library and Museum


The IISOH is organized to operate a Library & Museum devoted to the
History of Sport, Physical Education Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art
and the Olympic Games.

Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
IISOH Library & Museum
PO Box 175
State College, PA., USA 16804


The images at show the range of our Sport in Art collections that are planned - from ancient Greek statuary to modern statuary.
We have arranged for a copy of the ancient Discus Thrower (British Museum) to be made for our collections.
We have first rights to acquire the modern statue of ROCKY #3.

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