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New York copy

A youth tying a fillet (ribbon) around his head
after his victory in an athletic contest.
Polykleitos, circa 430 B.C.E.

Found at ?
date ?

Fletcher Fund 1925, 25.78.56,
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York, New York

This image illustrates a Roman marble copy of a Greek statue, circa 69-96 C.E.
The original Greek statue was in bronze and was already lost in antiquity.
Several marble copies or fragments of the Diadoumenos are known to exist,
which demonstrates how popular this statue was to the ancient Romans. The IISOH Museum
plans to acquire a copy of every version so that visual comparisons can be made in person.
This particular copy is believed to have the best quality head of all the statues that have been
found to date. A second copy is in the Met collection without a head. A detailed description
of the statue illustrated above is available at the Metropolitan Museum of Art web site -
click here.

The IISOH would like to acquire a bronze copy made from a mold of this statue to place in the Sculpture Gardens
which are part of the Museum. The entire IISOH campus will be dotted with these "outdoor Museum rooms"
each with a different statue and landscaping.

This is a naming opportunity. The benefactor can name this Sculpture Garden section
which will be dedicated with a marker engraved in stone (marble or granite) or cast in relief in bronze.
The statue will be located within a landscaped outdoor Museum "room" with seating, shrubbery, flowers
and possibly fountains - the donor has the opportunity to suggest landscaping ideas.

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