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Discus Thrower

National Museum of Rome copy #1

The Discus Thrower

Myron, circa 450 B.C.E.

Height: 61 inches (155 cm)

Museo Nazionale Romano
(National Museum of Rome)
Museo delle Terme
(Museum of the Baths of Diocletian)
Rome, Italy

Found at the Massimo family's Villa Palombara
on the Esquiline Hill, Rome, in 1781.

This image shows a Roman marble copy of the DISCUS THROWER by the Greek artist Myron
It is considered to be the best surviving copy of the original bronze masterpiece by Myron.
It is the only copy that has survived with the original head. A second ancient Roman copy of the DISCOBOLOS
is in the same Roman museum collection but it is missing the head and other pieces (see a4).

This statue shows how the head is properly turned back towards the discus. This statue was found in 1781
and remained in the possession of the Massimo family until the 20th century when it was acquired by the Germans
for exhibition during the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. It remained in Germany at the Munich Glyptothek until 1948
when it was returned to Italy after World War II.

The IISOH will purchase a bronze copy made from a mold of this statue.
The benefactor can name this Sculture Garden section which will be dedicated with
a marker engraved in stone (marble or granite) or cast in relief in bronze.

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