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Standing Athlete with a Strigil
Vatican Museum copy

Lysippus, circa 450 B.C.E.

Found in the Trastevere district of Rome, 1849
Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy

This image shows a Roman marble copy of an original bronze statue by the ancient Greek artist Lysippos.
The original disappeared in antiquity but numerous copies were made in marble during the Roman era.
The IISOH will purchase a bronze copy made from a mold of this statue.
The statue will be placed in a dedicated section of the Sculpture Gardens surrounded by landscaping.
The benefactor can name this Sculpture Garden section with the approval of the Board of Directors.
A engraved marker in marble or granite, or cast in relief in bronze will permanently dedicate the section to the donor.

This statue (the Apoxyomenos) is one of many Roman marbles that were made in the ancient era.
The IISOH Museum will try to acquire copies of all the major ancient statues for its collection because each one has subtle variations.

In 1999 a rare bronze version was found in the sea off the coast of Croatia and has been cleaned and restored.
This statue is known as the Zagreb Apoxyomenos and Croatian Apoxyomenos is illustrated below.

The IISOH seeks a donor to endow each individual statue with a separate endowment.

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