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The IISOH seeks to develop a comprehensive, multi-lingual collection of literature and memorabilia on the sport of YACHTING, also called SAILING. This has been one of the sports included in the modern Olympic Games, has a wide variety of sailing crafts and has an extensive body of literature worldwide. We invite you to donate single items as well as entire collections for permanent preservation and use in educational research.

LIBRARY donations:
    Material in ANY language is wanted, including but not limited to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Flemish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Latin, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, Sanskrit and dozens of others. The scope of the collection is international and comprehensive.

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  • Books
  • Monographs
  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Bound and unbound serials (magazines, journals, etc)
  • Newspapers (hard copies or microfilm)
  • Juvenile literature
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reference books
  • Manuscripts
  • Archives of organizations
  • Original letters of correspondence
  • Maps
  • Ephemera (pamphlets, booklets, folders, flyers, tickets, etc).
  • Miscellaneous items that do not fit into the above categories

MUSEUM donations:

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  • Antique YACHTING & SAILING equipment
  • Statuary in bronze, resin, plaster, terracotta, etc.
  • Paintings, Serigraphs, Drawings, etc.
  • Photographs, prints, negatives, glass plates, etc.
  • Films, movies, videos, dvd's, especially older films in need of archival preservation
  • Music, records, tapes, sheet music
  • Graphics, 16th - 19th century lithographs & prints
  • YACHTING & SAILING-related medals, awards, trophies
  • YACHTING & SAILING commemorative medals, participation medals, badges, etc.

  • YACHTING & SAILING flags, banners, advertising
  • YACHTING & SAILING-related memorabilia
  • Philatelic items, stamp collections, illustrated postcards on YACHTING & SAILING
  • Numismatic items, coins, exonumia with YACHTING & SAILING themes
  • Uniforms, clothing, textiles, fashions
  • Physical education, recreation and play equipment related to YACHTING & SAILING
  • Games, especially antique items


The IISOH needs $1 million (one million Dollars) to establish a permanent endowment to support the YACHTING COLLECTION. Your financial support can help to build this endowment. A single benefactor, with a donation of one million Dollars, can have the naming rights to the YACHTING ENDOWMENT. This is a naming opportunity for a serious sailor to have a perpetual identification with the sport of YACHTING & SAILING. The endowment would be named by the benefactor with the approval of the IISOH Board of Directors. The endowment is established as a permanent trust fund that is invested by the IISOH in interest-bearing securities. Only the quarterly earned interest can be used for development of the YACHTING & SAILING collections in both the Library and Museum.
Cash donations IN ANY AMOUNT are always welcome, and anything over $25.00 receives a lifetime acknowledgement on our website.


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For more details about the endowment program, please click here
IISOH Endowment Program.

These lists are not comprehensive and are limited only by your imagination!
Keep in mind that YACHTING & SAILING is an international sport and that we seek everything, in every language,
in order to develop the most comprehensive collection in the world.
SAILING is one of man's oldest activities but the actual sport dates from the 19th century.

For additional subject areas that we seek, see the list in the SUBJECTS area for endowments.
Go here to see the Subject List.

The IISOH is Pennsylvania a non-profit, educational, literary and research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code organized to operate a library and museum
devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance,
Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

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