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New York copy 2

Headless Diadoumenos
Also known as "fillet binder."
Polykleitos, circa 430 B.C.E.

Found at ?
date ?

Gift of Mrs. Frederick F. Thompson, 1903
Accession Number: 03.12.8a
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York, New York

Roman marble copy of a Greek statue, circa 69-96 C.E., one of two marble copies
in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This copy
was owned by the Marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani of Rome, who, during the first third
of the seventeenth century, formed one of the earliest European collections of ancient art.
Scholars had not yet identified this statue type as the Polykleitan Diadoumenos, and an
incorrect head and arms were added to complete the statue but have since been removed.

The original Greek statue was in bronze and was already lost in antiquity.
According to the Met, over 25 marble copies of the Diadoumenos are known to exist.
The IISOH Museum plans to identify all of them and try to acquire a copy of every version
so that visual comparisons can be made in person. Ours would be the only museum in the world to
have such a unique collection of classical art.
A detailed description of the statue illustrated above is available at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
web site - see it here.

The IISOH would like to acquire a bronze or marble copy of this statue to place in the Sculpture Gardens
which are part of the Museum. The entire IISOH campus will be dotted with these "outdoor Museum rooms"
each with a different statue and landscaping.

This is a naming opportunity. The benefactor can name this Sculpture Garden section
which will be dedicated with a marker engraved in stone (marble or granite) or cast in relief in bronze.
The statue will be located within a landscaped outdoor Museum "room" with seating, shrubbery, flowers
and possibly fountains - the donor has the opportunity to suggest landscaping ideas.

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