International Institute for Sport History
Library and Museum

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit, educational, literary and research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and is organized to operate a Library and Museum
devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

Donations are tax deductible - Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

IISOH Library & Museum
Internships & Volunteer Positions


The IISOH Library & Museum needs lots of help!


We have four (4) INTERNSHIPS available to university students who are juniors, seniors or graduate students. An INTERN, once accepted, can earn up to 3 credits towards their degree through their university. The IISOH signs a contract with the department, the college or the university governing the internship which serves like a 1, 2 or 3 credit course with 30 hours of work required for each credit. Three evaluations are made during the internship and a grade is given at the conclusion of the contract. The credits are then granted by your university towards your degree. Meetings are held face-to-face at the beginning of the internship to establish the project(s). Subsequent meetings are held at varying intervals dependent upon the project.

Regular communication can be maintained via telephone, emails and video conferencing as well as in-person. An internship is an unpaid position and is a serious learning experience for the student. The student is required to utilize all of the coursework that has been studied in their educational experience and to bring enthusiasm and effort to a specific project. All projects are specifically designed to the needs of the Institute and the individual student so that both benefit. It is expected that the student will, through practical experience, better learn the theories they have studied. The Institute benefits from the enthusiastic and knowledgeable efforts of the student in order to enhance the various missions of the non-profit corporation.

The student does not engage in fundraising or grant writing unless the internship is specifically designed to do so through their University coursework (we are aware of only one University with such a course at this time). Finally, some universities permit a maximum of six credits earned through an internship. The IISOH would permit a second internship only if the first internship of three credits is "excellent" with a final grade of "A" or "3.5/4.0" or "1" in the European scale.

University students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are encouraged to apply for internships. University students anywhere else, in the USA, Canada, the entire world... are welcome to apply. All work is conducted in American English with additional work in German and French. Students with other language skills are encouraged to apply -- all languages are needed for this project!


(contact the IISOH by email to apply)

The IISOH has a tremendous need for over 500 volunteers. Yes - five hundred! More is better.

One major area of our need is in marketing, advertising and networking within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, then in the rest of the USA, then the rest of the world. We need people to distribute our advertising brochures to sports organizations at every level - from youth sports groups and teams, to all schools in every district, to all semi-professional and professional sports organizations. We need to get all sports media involved, all Physical Educators, all coaches in every sport. A direct mailing cost is prohibitive and we believe that personal contact is far and away superior in order to generate enthusiasm.

Volunteers do not participate in fund-raising. They do marketing and advertising instead, they distribute brochures or help in other ways to do get information to the public. Volunteers do research in the library or from their computer online, and they help develop content for our web pages - hundreds of web pages!!

Volunteers help to translate material from other languages into English, or vice-versa so we can publish in multiple languages. Volunteers are never asked to handle money or solicit donations in any manner. We need VOLUNTEERS to do the following:

  1. Social media managers and assistants for posting content and marketing on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.
  2. Actors and actresses to perform in videos that we can post on YouTube as well as Public television stations.
  3. Video directors and producers for content to be posted on YouTube and Public television stations.
  4. Camera operators for video productions.
  5. Marketing positions for the TRIBUTE campaigns (Honorariums and Memorials) which are long-term campaigns.

  6. Marketing positions for Business donations of $25.00 and an up-sell to $250.00 DONATION.
  7. (Can become a PAID position, part-time) Sales representatives to sell advertising to Pennsylvania businesses at $250.00 or more for a three year contract.

  8. Graphic designers and artists to design posters that we can print and publish under the SPORT IN ART PROJECT.
  9. Fifty (50) researchers who love sport history to help build the NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE DIRECTORY which covers 205+ countries. (see: NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE DIRECTORY, page 4
  10. Sports fans in every sport - this role is to research and develop a DIRECTORY for their specific sport, for example, the current project is the Pennsylvania Gymnastics Directory and the Austrian Gymnastics Directory. Pick any sport - we plan directories.
  11. Research assistant for the PENNSYLVANIA GYMNASTICS DIRECTORY in progress.
  12. Research assistant for the GYMNASTICS DIRECTORY for the REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA (Republik Österreich), German language skill required.
  13. Researchers and sport historians to assist in developing content for history pages for all sports from ARCHERY to WRESTLING.
  14. Web developers who are willing to help, under the supervision of our professional web designer at, to maintain the alternate web site at Coding skills are required.
  15. Sometimes we need strong bodies to help move boxes of books that weigh 30-50 pounds each onto a truck, off the truck and into a warehouse.

  16. Business and Management students needed to help plan the financial aspects of the IISOH, banking, investing, trusts, endowments, etc.
  17. Law students are needed to assist in planning contracts, policies, liability and other legal issues.
  18. Accounting and finance students are needed to help plan budgeting needs, benefit analysis, etc.
  19. Library science students are needed to help plan logistics and development of the library system.
  20. Museum studies students are needed to help plan museum design, logistics, lighting, storage an display needs, etc.
  21. This list is just a sample...inquire to find out how YOU can volunteer!

    Pennsylvania has 12.5 million citizens in 67 counties.

    Within these 67 counties there are 501 school districts. The IISOH primarily serves this market -- but that is just the beginning. It is a big world and we eventually will reach out to everyone. But not at first - we need to focus small - starting right here in Pennsylvania.

    We need our volunteers to communicate this project to all Pennsylvania citizens -- so we want at least 5 to 10 volunteers in each county (that means 335 to 670 volunteers). We encourage groups to become involved such as sororities, fraternities, community service organizations, and sports clubs and teams. Below are just some of the positions that need to be filled -- but there are many more!!


Briefly stated - the campaign is designed to solicit a one time (once-in-a-lifetime) donation from members of the general public to become a "CHARTER MEMBER" of the Institute. This broad campaign is intended to solicit small donations from large numbers of donors - we seek one million (1,000,000) individual donors in order to create a $25,000,000 endowment.

These funds would be deposited into a permanent trust fund that would generate interest on a quarterly basis. The interest would then provide perpetual support for the administrative division of the IISOH (rents, salaries, utilities, etc.). But this is just a small endowment that will supplement others.

This public campaign supplements the higher priced fundraising campaign that solicits "naming opportunities" from the business and corporate world - where the IISOH seeks donations ranging from $250,000 to $30 million. The budget plan that we currently have in place is that for every twenty million Dollars that can be generated for endowments the IISOH estimates that we can employ approximately 32 people.

Unlike other non-profits -- the IISOH wants to acknowledge a donor's support for a lifetime while never asking for a second donation. Once a person donates $25.00 we are grateful and do NOT want to return year-after-year to ask for more. There are too many worthwhile non-profits and we have no desire to compete with any of them. Our dream is to have a limited fundraising campaign that creates perpetual support and then we can focus entirely on our educational, literary and research missions. Therefore once a donor has generously given us support -- we will never ask them again.

Ideally -- if every Pennsylvania citizen donated just two Dollars ($2.00) -- then the IISOH could develop an endowment of $25,000,000! If every American donated a single Dollar bill ($1.00) - then the IISOH could have an endowment of $325,341,326. This is quite a challenge that would take a lot of time. If we received 1,000 donations every day it would still take us 891 YEARS to get one Dollar from everyone, assuming they live long enough. Hmmm. We prefer to get lots of help to ask these good folks for their support as soon as possible.

That is why we need YOUR help - to help us get widespread public support.

The ROCKY #3 Acquisition,

The IISOH has agreed to acquire the original bronze statue of ROCKY #3, made famous by Sylvester Stallone's movies.

A marketing and advertising campaign (September 1, 2019 to March 1, 2020) will be used in this combined fundraising campaign to acquire the statue, support the Operating Fund and to create an endowment for the sport of BOXING. Several different marketing campaigns will be utilized in order to achieve the goal of raising $3.5 million Dollars. One campaign will be in the crowdfunding sector, another campaign will be via social media. A third campaign is limited to central Pennsylvania and a fourth campaign has a focus on Pennsylvania's 67 counties.


The IISOH publishes posters that are designed to promote the subject of SPORT IN ART. This rubric includes art in all forms of media such as photography, painting, sculpture, etc. The posters are designed to promote both SPORT IN ART as well as a specific sport such as GYMNASTICS or BASEBALL. The first poster that was published was for the sport of WRESTLING. The second poster was GYMNASTICS. Five more gymnastics posters are planned over the next 24 months, three male and three female subjects. We are using the sports photography of an outstanding Czech photographer to design action posters for artistic gymnastics.

At this time we are marketing the GYMNASTICS poster on a wholesale basis to sports organizations worldwide (see the gymnastics page here: Sport In Art - GYMNASTICS.

We need volunteers to market this poster to every gymnastics team and club in the USA, CANADA, and the rest of the world, so foreign language skills would be very useful in this project.

We currently have brochures printed in English, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Farsi (Persian). More translations are in progress and will be available shortly in Italian and Chinese. We still need more translations -- so language skills are very desirable.

Artists, photographers and graphic designers are also welcome. We plan to design and publish posters on over 200 sports subjects. In the next four years we plan to publish posters on such sports as golf, baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, track & field/athletics, volleyball, swimming and judo. But that is just the beginning - we want artists to get involved and submit their work to us for consideration of any sport - even those not just mentioned. To this end we plan to have periodic solicitations for specific sports, ie: art contests to select a new design for a specific sports poster.


This long-term, permanent project could also be called "HONOR GIVING" or "TRIBUTE PAGE." This project generates funds for the Operating Endowment. It is an opportunity for someone to commemorate a special event or a person such as a friend, family member, coach or teammate. The purpose of this campaign is to HONOR or "pay TRIBUTE to" someone in perpetuity. It is an open opportunity to honor a person who is loved or respected for almost any reason or purpose. It can be used to honor graduations, weddings, childbirth, birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, bar mitzvahs, success in a sports event (championships), receipt of awards...this is only limited by one's imagination.

There are two choices: a one-time donation of either twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) for a single line listing or two-hundred-fifty Dollars ($250.00) for a line listing that links to a web page. The web page can be hosted on the IISOH servers forever or link to another location that is not under IISOH control. The donor can use their own web page if they so desire. We prefer to build the HONOR/TRIBUTE page ourselves and host it on the IISOH servers to guarantee the perpetuity of the honorarium. The donor can customize the text of the linked web page and add photos or videos. The IISOH staff can do the actual web page design or they can submit it ready-made. However it must be approved by the IISOH before it is posted online.

We need volunteers to market this project in Pennsylvania, in North America and worldwide. We would want every baby that is born, every child that has a birthday, every student that graduates from high school and universities - all of them - to be honored at our web site forever. That can be a lot of people - so it is a lot of work. The potential here is vast and unlimited.

Once the IISOH is funded this will be available as a paid position. While there is no guarantee that any volunteer would be hired at a later date, it is absolutely desirable to find volunteers who are so good that the IISOH wants to keep them as either part-time or full-time staff members. Repeat: there is no guarantee of future employment, but outstanding performance can lead to a paid position.

Below are some examples of honorariums:

  • The Smith family congratulates the Jones family on the birth of their first child, Jonathan, April 1, 2017.

  • The Jones family congratulates Samuel Smith on his graduation from Lower Slobovia University, June 5, 2017.

  • Martha and Henry Brown congratulate their son, Justin, on celebrating his 21st birthday, November 1, 2017.

  • Martha and Henry Brown congratulate their son, Justin, on his marriage to Jenifer Blue, November 5, 2017.

  • Robert and George Johnson congratulate their parents, George, Sr. and Helen, on celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

  • Cynthia Miller extends her heartiest congratulations to her best friend, Barbara Taylor, on the occassion of her placing first at the national fencing champions in October 2015.

  • Donors can create a web page that would be a link from the line listing such as this:
  • Here is an example of what can be done with an honorarium page as done at an Israeli cycling website

The donor can write and customize the text, add pictures and videos - even design the page themselves. The page is then approved or edited as needed before it is posted - permanently. No changes or additions will be made after it is posted unless there are errors to be corrected.


This is exactly like the HONORARIUM campaign as it is a long-term, permanent project "IN MEMORY OF" someone. This project also generates funds for the Operating Endowment. It is an opportunity for someone to MEMORIALIZE a loved one such as a family member, a friend, coach or teammate. It can also be a memorial to someone they idolize but do not know, such as a famous personality. The purpose of this campaign is to HONOR the MEMORY of someone who has passed away, it is a way to "pay TRIBUTE to" someone in perpetuity after death. It is an open opportunity to honor a person who is loved or respected after death. The only limitations are over photographs of famous people which might not be permitted if there are copyright violations.

Here are two examples of MEMORIALS:

Mr. Joe M. Bohannon, Tulsa, OK., in memory of Captain Josiah Henson.

Donors can create a web page that would be a link from the line listing such as this:

IISOH Board in memory of Capt. Josiah Henson, USN, retired

The ultimate goal of the IISOH is to construct a Library and Museum
on a comprehensive sports complex in central Pennsylvania that is
approximately 600 to 6,000 acres in size and to support this educational, literary and
research Institute with a permanent endowment of $300 million or more.

The IISOH is seeking up to four student interns and 500 or more volunteers for the many projects
that are planned. Backgrounds, majors or personal interests in the following areas are desired:

  1. Marketing

  2. Advertising

  3. Publicity and/or Public Relations

  4. Video production, including actors, directors, camera operators

  5. Graphic arts and design

  6. Web page development and design

  7. Architecture and landscape architecture

  8. Fundraising organization and implementation

  9. Finance

  10. Collection development in the Library & Museum

  11. Education

  12. Dance

  13. Art history

  14. Sport History

  15. Physical Education - Sport studies - Kinesiology

  16. Recreation and parks

  17. Research and organizational operations

  18. Library science

  19. Museum studies

  20. Foreign language (non-English) translators

Students can earn from 1-3 credits at their university through programs sponsored by their departments. All positions are temporary, unpaid positions with no guarantee of future employment. The student intern benefits through the practical experience of volunteering for a non-profit educational corporation while earning university credit(s) towards their degree. Positions may be continued between semesters and through the summer vacations with permission from their university.

Although we are located closest to the Pennsylvania State University and Lock Haven University, we encourage students from any university in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the the United States and Canada to apply for an internship. The work can be completed via email, telephone and video conferencing with the IISOH. Meetings in-person are held at a convenient location in State College, Pennsylvania.

An Intern should have an academic background in one of the areas listed above so that they can draw upon their educational experience and have a practical experience for one semester assisting the IISOH in developing its collections and endowments and earn from 1-3 university credits for their efforts.

  • Excellent organizational skills required.
  • English language skills essential - secondary language skills a plus.
  • Interest in, or passion for, one area of the IISOH subject matter -- Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Art or the Olympic Games -- would be very helpful.

  • People are needed to do the following:

    1. Organize and execute a variety of marketing campaigns.

    2. Design publicity, promotional and marketing material such as brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters and booklets.

    3. Write, direct and produce videos for YouTube amd Public television broadcasts.

    4. Assist in the present and future creation and development of web site pages and web site design.

    5. Assist in the creation and development of online donation solicitations via secure applications with donations deposited directly to the Institute's bank account in State College, PA.

    6. Research and organize potential markets for the Charter Membership Fundraising Campaign.

    7. Assist the Board of Directors in executing a $3.5 million fundraising campaign to establish the Operating Fund, Endowment and acquisition funds for ROCKY #3, an original bronze statue.

    8. Research and execute a fundraising campaign to solicit $25 Charter Membership donations from every business owner in Pennsylvania (a once in a lifetime donation).

    9. Research and execute a fundraising campaign to solicit Charter Membership donations of $25 from every family in Pennsylvania (a once in a lifetime donation).

    10. Research a potential fundraising campaign to solicit $25 Charter Membership donations from every business owner in other states in the USA and Provinces in Canada (a once in a lifetime donation).

    11. Research a potential fundraising campaign to solicit $25 Charter Membership donations from every Physical Education teacher in the USA and Canada (a once in a lifetime donation).

    12. Research a potential fundraising campaign to solicit $25 Charter Membership donations from every Physical Education (Sport) teacher in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Greece (a once in a lifetime donation).

    13. Research a potential fundraising campaign to solicit $25 Charter Membership donations from every Physical Education (Sport) teacher in other nations worldwide (a once in a lifetime donation).

    14. Research and prepare ideas for other types of fundraising plans such as memorial or honorial plaques, bricks or other form of physical display.

    15. Design and prepare theoretical drawings and/or plans for a 600+ acre sports complex to house the IISOH.

    16. Design and prepare a variety of theoretical architectural plans for various facilties including a Library, Museum, Theater, restaurant/cafe, and variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

    17. Research and establish a plan to approach potential donors from the Fortune 500 companies for donations between $1 million and $30 million in order to establish named endowments.

    18. Research and establish a plan to approach a wide variety of national and international sports organizations for donations to endow their specific sport or activity. For example -- approaching the Pittsburg Pirates or Philadelphia Phillies for a $1 million donation to establish the baseball endowment.

    19. Research and establish a plan to approach a wide variety of international entities, such as the government of Greece or major Greek corporations, philanthropists or other entities for donations to help construct a facility, such as the replica of the ancient stadium of Olympia.

    20. Research and identify potential donors of quality material and/or collections for the Library and Museum.

    21. Assist in researching, writing and submitting grant proposals to various foundations and philanthropic organizations for capital funding, endowment funding and organizational support.

    22. Expand upon these ideas to research and establish alternative plans for the development of the endowment.

    23. Develop a thoretical investment plan for IISOH endowments with a goal of achieving a minimum return of six percent (6%) per annum.

      See your advisor or department chair for arranging the internship.
      Contact Mr. Abrams at the IISOH via email:

    The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit, educational, literary and research corporation
    under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible.
    Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

    The IISOH is organized to operate a library and museum for the History of Sport,
    Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games

    Contact the IISOH
    Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
    International Institute for Sport History
    Library and Museum

    PO Box 732
    State College, PA, USA 16804

    Mr. Harvey Abrams, President


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