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Sport in Art Poster Series #2

24 x 36 inches
Open edition 5,000 copies
Limited edition 100 copies
Printed in the USA

This exciting action poster is designed to promote SPORT IN ART, SPORT PHOTOGRAPHY and GYMNASTICS
everywhere in the world. It is an excellent photograph that shows ACTION and ENTHUSIASM of the athlete.
The gymnast shows his enthusiasm as he flies through the air on the vault, about to flip and land on his feet.
He started with a run from 75 feet away; running at full speed he jumped on a springboard to get height and
flies up and over the top of the vault, just about to plant his hands and do a flip so he lands upright on his feet.
The vault takes skill and courage - and this gymnast loves every second of it!

The word "GYMNASTICS" is printed at the top in English. GYMNASTICS is then repeated with a translation into
ten different languages. All posters in the IISOH poster series will have multiple languages but they must have
English, French and German among the list. In this poster you will find Chinese, Greek, Latin and more.

Every gym, every gymnast, every child should have this poster hanging on their wall!
Every child should learn gymnastics skills in school as part of their physical education.
The skills that are learned in gymnastics carry-over to every other sport and physical activity.
Children should learn the simple skills of gymnastics which help to develop flexibility and strength,
movement awareness in space and discipline in learning motor skills. Gymnastics should be one of the
most important activities for young children, along with running, jumping, throwing and catching.

The IISOH produces this SPORT IN ART POSTER SERIES as part of the Institute's mission
to promote the subject of Sport in Art by combining the fine arts with sports subjects.
We hope to promote an appreciation for sport in the arts and humanities by educating the public
in the history of sport, physical education, recreation, dance, sport in art and the Olympic Games.

These posters are priced
so that your group may re-sell them as a fundraiser.

Suggested retail price:
$5.00 to $8.00

  • Gymnastics Federations worldwide
  • Gymnastics teams in universities & schools
  • Gymnastics clubs and schools
  • Turnvereins, Tunveriene
  • Retail marketplace
  • Sporting Goods Shops
  • Poster distributors
  • Art shops and galleries


Our Prices are wholesale to you

You may resell the poster at any price you chose,
our suggested retail price is $5.00 to $8.00 per poster.

Use the posters in a variety of ways:

- FUNDRAISING for your team
- GIFTS to your supporters
- AWARDS to your gymnasts
- PRIZES at raffles and other events

Get more kids and adults involved!

This is the first of six (6) GYMNASTICS Posters.

(All prices already include the cost of tube and US postage)
One (1) poster: $10.00 postpaid within the USA.
2-19 posters are $3.00 each plus $5.00 shipping.

20 - 30 posters @ $2.50 per poster postpaid within the USA.

for example:
20 posters cost $50.00 postpaid
30 posters cost $75.00 postpaid
40 posters cost $100.00 postpaid PLUS
we will include a FREE 3x5 foot Pennsylvania flag to hang in your gym
(shipped to Pennsylvania delivery addresses only).
41 - 500 posters @ $2.25 per poster postpaid within the USA.
501 - 1,000 posters @ $2.10 per poster postpaid within the USA.
1,000 - 2,500 posters @ $2.00 per poster shipped free within the USA.
2,501 - 4,999 posters @ $1.85 per poster shipped free within the USA.
Retailer's Special
5,000+ posters @ $1.65 per poster shipped free within the USA.


There are two (2) pages for each language.
The inside is an image and the outside is the text.
If you can print a 2-sided document - it will look better!!

We are also preparing translations into French, Italian, Arabic and Chinese.
If you would like to volunteer your translation skills for other languages, please contact the IISOH!!
In case there are differences between or among the various brochures due to translation, printing or whatever
then our ENGLISH language edition has legal priority and should be consulted when in doubt.
Please inform us of any translation errors.

Page 1 -
The brochure's outside page - the text in various languages:

English language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

German language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Polish language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Spanish language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Japanese language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Hungarian language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Russian language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Farsi (Persian) language brochure, complete details & wholesale prices

Page 2

The brochure's inside page for all the language editions
so you can see see the GYMNASTICS poster in full color


The brochure looks best when printed back-to-back.
OR, write to us and we can mail you print copies.

How to Pay

  • CHECKS: Personal or business checks are welcome

  • MONEY ORDERS: Post Office Money Orders are very inexpensive to use

  • CREDIT CARDS - you can order and pay ONLINE with your credit card - click below:

Pay ONLINE with a credit card now!

You will go to our secure website at
Type in the number of posters that you want to order -
the price will change according to the number you order.
The larger the order, the lower the price.

Make CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS payable to
and mail it to:

IISOH Library & Museum
c/o Harvey Abrams
PO Box 732
State College, PA 16804

AND please use colorful commemorative stamps!

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit educational, literary and research corporation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The IISOH is organized to operate a Library and Museum for the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.
Donations are tax deductible - Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

After the poster was printed we created a slideshow/video for YouTube to illustrate the process involved in creating this gymnastics poster. The creator of the poster series, Harvey Abrams, reviewed over ten thousand sports photographs taken by the talented photographer, Pavel Rycl, of the Czech Republic. After narrowing the selection down to a final ten images, a variety of potential poster designs were created. Some of the designs are illustrated in this video. The final selection of images focused on a single athlete and thus this video serves as a "thank you" to both the photographer and the athlete, Julius Neuber of Austria. The background music that was selected is meant to inspire every young athlete who strives to participate in gymnastics.

IISOH Library & Museum

A Pennsylvania Non-profit corporation
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155 (under reconstruction)

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